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PGRTAZ Corporate Membership Policy Adopted

30 Sep 2015 11:54 AM | Stephanie Weadock (Administrator)

PGRTAZ Corporate Membership Policy

 PGRTAZ offers a “Corporate Membership” (herein referred to as Membership) which is owned by an organization upon membership application processing, and remittance of membership fee.

The Membership will be an annual membership effective from the time the membership application is processed.

Annual membership dues will be the same as the regular membership dues at time of application, allowing for the option for base membership dues or base membership dues with pre-paid meetings dues.

The Membership permits the member organization to send one representative to each PGRTAZ event at the regular membership registration fee price point.  Only one representative from the member organization may attend any given event under the Membership.

The Membership cannot be transferred from one organization to another.

This policy is approved and accepted by the PGRTAZ Board of Directors on 09/25/2015.

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