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Community Foundations are exploring uses for donor advised funds that tie the discipline of the market with the social mission of philanthropy. “Impact investments” uses charitable assets to invest in projects that can generate revenue as well as direct community benefits.

Attendees to this session will learn about this new trend, how to harness its power as a donor, a charity, or a program funding officer.





Nonprofits are advocates for the communities they serve.

Learn how an advocacy strategy should be part of your resource plan.

Attendees will learn about a rapidly expanding and relatively new set of corporate structures that blend for profit  purposes with mission based entities.  Social enterprise vehicles include L3C, Benefit Corporation, B Corp., and Flexible Purpose Corporations.  What are they, and who is forming them?  What is currently recognized in Arizona?  How might this impact non-profit activities as we know them?


 and Beyond the Ask




If most of planned gifts are received at the donor’s death, then it is particularly important to know when that event is likely to occur.

This session will cover the various life expectancy tables used in planned giving, longevity risk generally and then will cover the most recent CGA and CRT mortality studies more specifically.

Most importantly, the implications and key findings of these studies will be highlighted so that immediate practical changes in administration, investments and illustrations may be made as appropriate.

The bottom-line: Planned giving donors do live forever!

This entire Day, including our end of day Wine and Cheese Event and Big Prize Giveway

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