Just 10 Percent

Ways to Give:

Estate, Will or Trust Gifts:

Leaving 10 Percent of your estate is as simple as writing it in your Will or Trust.  Consider using a Schedule to document the Charities that will receive the distribution so that you do not need to make changes to the whole document if you want to add or change a charity. 

Life Insurance:

Adding a beneficiary to your existing life insurance policy is easy!  Simply request the change of beneficiary form.  Or why not consider getting a life insurance policy to make sure the organizations you care about can thrive in the future!  It can be an inexpensive way to give a meaningful gift.

Annuity Investments:

Income from an annuity will be taxable as ordinary income.  You can gift an annuity or make charities the beneficiary.  You can avoid taxable income and the taxation to transfer the funds to the next generation. 

IRA, 401k and 403b Plans:

Tax free compounding in a qualified plan is great, but Uncle Sam always makes sure to get some.  IRA, 401k and 403b Plans have mandatory taxable income (RMDs) that can push you into a higher tax bracket and are taxable to the next generation.  Qualified plans should be one of the first assets you consider gifting in life and/or with beneficial designations.    

Appreciated Stock:

When considering an impactful gift, always consider donating a highly appreciate asset before contributing cash.  Rather than paying taxes on appreciation, give the asset to charity to sell.  There is no easier appreciated asset to donate than stock. 

Real Estate:

There are many clever ways to use real estate to make a great impact.  You can save capital gains taxes and get rid of management headaches.  There are also some opportunities to partner with large organizations to be able to get more out a property through a bargain sale or other means.   Charitable Trust also make effective tools to sell real estate. 

Sale of a Business or Property:

How great would it be to sell your business/property, create a community impact and save on taxes!  There are many great tools that can be used to save taxes on a sale of a business including a Charitable Remainder Trust, Charitable Lead Trust and a Donor Advised Fund. 


Managing you tax bracket can save you a lot in income taxes.  Looking at allocating 10% of your income can make a huge impact today for the causes you care about. 

Donor Advised Funds:

A DAF can be used like a family foundation without all of the headaches.  Make a charitable savings account for your family, invest the money and grant the funds when ever you like, and however you choose, to qualified charities.  What a great way to create meaningful family meetings with purpose and get a deduction today. 

Charitable Gift Annuity:

Many people use annuities to fund their retirement through insurance companies.  Why not use a charity instead?   Donate funds to a willing charity and they will guarantee payments to you for the rest of your life.  There may even be some tax savings involved. 

Charitable Remainder Trust:

Did you know you can sell a business or property tax free, make income off of it for the rest of your life, get an income tax deduction today for a future gift to charity and save estate taxes?  The economic benefit of keeping your money working for you and growing it in a tax-free environment is substantial and you can leave a meaningful gift to an organization or your Donor Advised Fund. 

Charitable Lead Trust:

Rather than give a large contribution today some people want to keep their money and give the Charites the income or growth of allocated funds.  With a Lead Trust you can get a deduction today for your future annual contributions.   There are creative ways to use this type of trust to meet your legacy goals. 

Who can help me and how do I learn more?

The best advise is to start the conversation with your most trusted advisor with an understanding that there are specialist in Planned Giving that can help you select the best ways for you to give.  Attorneys, Tax Advisors, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Insurance Advisors, Real Estate Advisors are all professionals that can help you.  Also, the organizations you care about know the specialist in your area and can provide some guidance.  

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