Just 10 Percent

What does 10 Percent mean to you?

In 2018 Planned Giving Round Table of Arizona has partnered with public radio stations KJZZ and KBACH in a vital campaign to engage our community to think “Just 10 Percent”. 

The idea behind Just 10 Percent is that anyone within their estate plans can make a significant impact in the community by leaving a small percentage Just 10 Percent in their estate plans for charitable distribution to non-profits.

 What donor does not want to make a distinct difference in their community?

See what a legacy of Just10Percent means to these community leaders:


"I am Suzanne Pfister,

President and CEO of Vitalyst Health Foundation.  Make a lasting difference in our community and leave a gift to your favorite non-profit in your estate plans.  Just 10 percent will make a difference."

"Hi I am Terri Wogan-Calderon,

 Executive Director and Partner, Social Venture Partners.  If you are getting ready to do your estate or are thinking of some changes, why not consider designating Just 10 Percent to a non-profit?  Your decision would have a lasting impact for years to come."

"Hi I am Gene DAdamo, 

President and CEO of Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. Make a lasting difference in our community and leave a charitable gift to your favorite non-profit in your estate plans.  Just 10 percent will make a difference."  

"Hello, I am Harry Papp, 

Managing Partner of L Roy Papp & Associates. Have you been thinking about your estate plans?  Now is a perfect time to consider leaving a charitable gift to your community.  Just 10 Percent of your estate could have a lasting affect for a charitable organization." 

Leaving a Legacy of 10 Percent is just a number; and it can be any number.  It could be 10 Percent of your estate, or 10 Percent of your income, or 10 Percent of a sale of your business/property.  Giving to our community positively impacts everyone, but those who benefit the most are those who give!

How can I make an impact with Just10Percent?

Estate, Will or Trust Gift

Share what you are passionate about

Life Insurance

Simply add a beneficiary 

Annuity Investments

Taxable to the next Generation

IRA, 401k and 403b Plans

Taxable to the next generation

Appreciated Stock

Why pay the taxes?

Real Estate

What is a bargain sale?

Sale of a Business or Property

Save taxes and make an impact


Control your tax bracket and save taxes

Donor Advised Funds

Create your own charitable fund

Charitable Gift Annuity

Provide income and give

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Save taxes, get a deduction and income

Charitable Lead Trust

Give over time and get a deduction today

Who can help me and how do I learn more?

The best advice is to start the conversation with your most trusted advisor, understanding that there are specialists in Planned Giving who can help you select the best ways to give.  Attorneys, Tax Advisors, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Insurance Advisors, Real Estate Advisors are all professionals who can help you.  Also, the organizations you care about may know the specialist in your area who can provide  guidance.  

Click here to see a list of Advisors and Charities who can help you make an impact!

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