Speaker's Bureau

Policy as accepted by the PGRTAZ Board:

PGRTAZ will maintain a database of local speakers who have identified themselves as willing to speak about planned giving topics.  When a program presenter is looking for a speaker, they will be able to contact us for recommendations for potential speakers they can contact.

Speaker Eligibility – A speaker must be a member of PGRTAZ to register themselves as a potential speaker.  The speaker will provide their contact information about topics about which they are willing to speak. 

IMPORTANT:  PGRTAZ will not vet potential speakers.

Programmer Eligibility – Any nonprofit organization looking for a speaker will be able to use the Speakers Bureau.  Any other programmer looking for a speaker must be a member of PGRTAZ.

Cost – The program will be offered at no cost to either speakers or programmers.

Logistics – The Speakers Bureau will be maintained as a list in the Members’ area of the PGRTAZ website. 

The list will be provided to non-member programmers upon their request.

 Tiffany T. House, CAPĀ®

Tiffany enjoys public speaking as a way to educate individuals and   organizations about the win-win outcome of planned giving, creating a MasterGame Plan™ for life, and empowering people to create a legacy of their own design.  She is honored to mentor charitable organizations and provide enhanced knowledge through her speaking engagements.

      Download Tiffany's Complete Press Kit

Presentation Topics:

  • Charitable Planning Tools

  • Donor Advised Funds 

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Charitable Lead Trusts

  • Women and Legacy Planning
  • Entrepreneurs

  • Financial Planning

  • Alternative to Traditional Long Term Care Insurance


PGRTAZ Mission: Educate, motivate, and empower our community to collectively promote and facilitate planned giving.

 PGRTAZ Vision: We envision an enriched community where leaving a legacy through planned giving is the social norm. 

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