KJZZ and KBACH have worked with the PGRTAZ leadership and our Arizona Planned Giving Conference Program Planning Committee for several years.

      View this years program line up:


Our mutual objective is expanding our engaged philanthropy base in Arizona and educating about the power of Planned Giving to impact our lives in positive ways -before, during, after the planned gift is created.  We will continue informing our future philanthropists about the nuts and bolts of how to build a planned giving program, but the greater challenge, and greatest opportunities, happen when we bring community professionals together to explore how to make their personal legacies become true beacons for change and forces for good.

Ready to Register?  KJZZ/KBACH listeners may register to attend the Arizona Planned Giving Conference at PGRTAZ membership prices via a special coupon code. Receive your coupon code by calling 602-840-2900, and ask for Stephanie, or e-mail info@PGRTAZ.org, subject line "KJZZ/KBACH coupon code requested."

If you prefer, when you call, our staff can  register you over the telephone, or with the code you can.........


PGRTAZ Mission: Educate, motivate, and empower our community to collectively promote and facilitate planned giving.

 PGRTAZ Vision: We envision an enriched community where leaving a legacy through planned giving is the social norm. 

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